Meeting people, making friends.

Improve your self in Mind, Body and Spirit.


Offers Divine Energy for Crystalline Healing.

Discover 7 Ra's, Ley Secrets, Syrah Abilities.

Master "Group Healing & Therapy".

Open and Discover Future Paths for others, 

and use Crystalline Syrah Visions to guide you.


Dimensional Crystalline Communication


SYRAKI "Group Crystalline Interaction"

Society today is growing away from group meetings. Corporate Company's have board meetings,

this assists with the daily, weekly, monthly and annual projections. Without these gatherings chaos would occur.

Unfortunately for the people employed, they do not seem to have this benefit within their own personal lives.

For this reason alone, living a successful life, taking care of family needs or finding the balance that makes everything worthwhile, is a difficult task indeed. Success is brought about by knowing others, by sharing, by asking for advice, by stepping outside of a closed door. To be offered something simply because you were in the right place, at the right time, can make all the difference to ones Ley that guides future events.


To be sure a chance meeting of a "Soul Mate" does not pass you by,

We suggest you give Syraki a try?  There is no better way this can be achieved.

Group Meetings, Gatherings, Discussions, Sharing ideas, all are part of a "Successful Lifestyle".

A Syraki El-Master guides all within the SYRAH Session. This is a qualified Tutor, trained to be of service for

Group Healing, Meditation, Knowledge Sharing or simply enjoying the company of like minded people.

Join us and discover the benefits... MINI WORKSHOPS or MEDITATION evenings.

Both are ideal for assessing Syraki Ways.


        Please feel free to contact us... Your personal message, for course bookings or information.


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