Meeting people, making friends.

Improve your self in Mind, Body and Spirit.


Offers Divine Energy for Crystalline Healing.

Discover 7 Ra's, Ley Secrets, Syrah Abilities.

Master "Group Healing & Therapy".

Open and Discover Future Paths for others, 

and use Crystalline Syrah Visions to guide you.


   Using "Crystalline Harmonic Energy"... within us all! 


 When you ask for a Healing, you will receive the benefits of a qualified SYRAKI MASTER

A Crystalline Holistic Healer.

Their are many ways to heal your Mind, Body and Spirit ... we offer you the benefits of special "Skills and Knowledge" gained by our highly qualified practitioners.

You will be completely rejuvenated, offering you the feeling of "Restoration and Wellbeing". 

So Sha    

Syraki Crystalline Energy improves Companionship, Understanding, Relationships, Aura Benefits,

Generates Healing of Mind, Body and Spirit within our own crystalline structures.

    People in business are recommended to try our methods, the rewards will justify the time.

    Below is a brief summary of the treatments, benefits and accomplishments of "SYRAKI MASTER" Practitioners.


LEY ASSESSMENT - This procedure is ideal for reassessing ones "Life Path". Your personal journey can be changed, so in

                                        doing this, offers you a chance to start over or begin a new chapter in your book of life. Destiny is

                                        not as many think, a pre-organisation of ones "Life Path" is possible using a Syraki Ley Transference

                                        to deliver a pre-determined outcome of ones life, so advise is given on things you do in your now. It

                                        is possible some advise may not be acceptable, for Syraki Codes become involved. Choice is yours?

SYRAH UNION        - Spiritual & Crystalline Energies unite to offer a recharging of the Sho' Energy which allows the

(Group Therapy)             holistic benefits to take place. Group Healing, Meditation Journeys, Crystal Effects and Benefits.

                                        The Syraki Syrah offers a unique experience for those new to this unification style of Healing.

                                        A SYRAKI MASTER is required to initiate the SYRAH and select special crystals for the Group.

                                        This is accomplished by a brief group discussion to ascertain the requirements in a general sense.

LEY HEALING        - Crystalline Corrective Procedure of damaged tissues and the replacement of Sho' Energy allows the

(Intense Energy Fusion) Mind, Body & Spirit to be restored to it's previous Beauty. Hand Contact Healing and Therapy at its

    "this is usually"        best. Specific areas are targeted for the Healing, which is discussed before the process begins.

    "combined with"              A Crystal Pendulum is used to locate affected areas, offing confirmation of areas to heal. 

            ...a...                                All Meridians are empowered during a SYRAKI Healing & SYRAKI Alignment.   

ALIGNMENT             - A Holistic, Aura Healing using crystals to enhance the energy flow to the entire body. All Chakra's

(Soothing Treat)              are restored to their maximum capacity using hand & auric contact for energy transference, inducing

                                         a Holistic Healing Cascade that is felt instantly, offering a pleasant feeling of harmonization within

                                         the mind as this occurs. This process has a long lasting benefit by generating a complete restoration

                                         of the bodies meridian energy flow. Time for this treat is approx. one hour or longer which depends

                                         on the healing required within the whole body complex. Crystal Pendulums are used for diagnosis.

PSYCHIC READING - Ancient ways of predicting future events, offering guidance for a desired outcome, and defines ones

                                         awareness of the present, in your every day happenings of the now. Various methods are available.

PULSE THERAPY     - Healing with Electro-Magnetic Field Pulse, this energizes the body at a sub atomic level, restoring

(Harmonisation of            harmonic bio-rhythms of Sho' life force energy, improves sleep patterns, restores immune system.

Cellular Alignment)        A unique healing method with many benefits. This treatment takes 8 minutes with a minimum of 3

                                         sessions each 24 hour period, 8 hours apart, for at least a 3 month period. Results are amazing in

                                         many cases. A scientifically proven "Energy Healing" method...(Syraki Healing also uses Energy).

SYRAKI HARMONY - Soothing, relaxing, stimulates blood flow, energy transference abilities, relaxes and removes all

(Viking Treat)                  tensions in the mind, while the skin, underlying tissues, muscles and joints all benefit from skilled

                                         movements applied using hands and arms, this experience is a must for a tired or aching body.

                                         There are various rhythmic movements used during a Viking Treat, all have a special purpose.

RESTORATION         - Heal yourself within, boost your natural immune system... using Syraki Gifts and Natures Herbs.

(Anti-Virus Formula)      A COMPLETE AND PROVEN FORMULA OF FOOD SUPPLEMENTS ... with no side effects.

                                         Heal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anti-biotic Resistant infections, Restore Low Immune Systems.                                               For those seeking a natural boost to help overcome various illnesses. Benefits felt within one week.

                                         A complete recovery is possible from virus infections when administered or taken correctly.

TRANSFERENCE      - For Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Psychic Restoration, Improves your Companionship, Understanding,

(Intense Group Therapy) Relationships, Physical Attraction and Aura Benefits. A must for those depressed with life or to aid

                                         companionships that are faltering due to the demands of every day living. For all Companionships

                                         joining hands of all those implicated or wishing to take part is required by the SYRAKI MASTER.

                                         This includes partners, family or friends living in the same dwelling, UNIFICATION is  required.

                                         ALL MUST BE PRESENT FOR THIS TO BE A COMPLETE TRANSFERENCE (harmony).

AURA REPAIR          - To strengthen & repair your Aura, increases the Discrimination effect.. helping to prevent unwanted

(Personalised Treat)        spiritual or auric energy contacts, increases personal attraction to the desired play mate. Your aura

                                         radiates to others as you will it to be so, offering euphoria and pleasantness to those close to you.

SOUL CLEANSE      - A Special CRYSTALLINE SWEYTH is created by a Mentor to cleanse the soul of past traumas

(Energy Restoration)     or events that may have caused stress, grief, despair, unwanted feelings within ones beingness that

                                       simply refuse to go away, this allows one a future to enjoy, with burdens of their past removed. 

                                             (A Divine Union with Cheylia' offers a preferred union for such a transference of Sho' Energies,

                                              as it intensifies all healing benefits. A Syraki Mentor is required for this treat to take place.) 



while this may seem unusual, it is possible to get in a rut with life.

Enjoy fun nights. Meeting people, relaxing, exchanging ideas and offering guidance to all present

by interacting with each individual so nobody is left floundering, this is the "Mythonian Way".


Allows new ideas to be introduced to do with what you will. Offers insight to Healing Techniques,

     Syraki Methods, Crystals and Uses, Spiritual Ways, Meditation, Syrahs, Tarot, Future Leys, etc.

We help you create a "LifeStyle Worth Living". 


 Improves Health, Companionship, Romance, UnderstandSing, Relationships,

Physical Attraction and Aura Benefits, Generates Healing of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Offers Future Guidance, Leadership and Councelling benefits to those who utilize the Crystalline Syrah.

 Please contact us for intense healing that is often required after traumatic experiences,

including the after effects of various operations, that often disrupt the meridian energy flow and nerve centres.

They may well be areas in need of attention now?

You too can become a Syraki "EL-Master" or Mythonian "El-Mayur"


A Special Anti-Virus Treatment... That Restores Ones Health Is Possible. 

This then... Improves Health, Companionship, Romance, UnderstandSing, Relationships,

Physical Attraction and Aura Benefits, Generates Healing of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

A Syraki El-Master not only assists your health in many ways, but also offers future guidance,

leadership and councelling benefits to all those who utilize their abilities,

and their guidance from within a Crystalline Syrah. 


Mythonian Head Office ... Australia

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