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Energy Healing, Holistic Knowledge & Spiritual Understanding for healing others. 

   Discover Divinty of Cheylia'.  Learn Meditation and Energy Healing Techniques.

  Our teaching books offer all skills required for Meridian and Chakra Energy Transference.

  Learn of Syraki Group Healing and uses of Crystals for Healing, including crystal layouts.

Healing Manuals approx. 30 - 40 pages. ... All books are in Colour, text size 14 

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Each DELIVERY & "EL-MASTER" requires a Frequence Attunement by a TUTOR

"Ascension Activation Keys" to be done before Attunements for SYRAKI Healing Energy.

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              SYRAKI                             SYRAKI                            SYRAKI                           SYRAKI                  "EL-MASTER"

      Voyage of Discovery                 Releasing Trust                       "MASTER"                        Holistic Guide                   Mystic Mentor

        DELIVERY - I                 DELIVERY - II                DELIVERY - III             DELIVERY - IV            DELIVERY - VI

                   $20.00                                        $20.00                                          $27.50                                    $25.00                                     $35.00


      Teaching Manuals below for Mythonian Healing. Initiations are required by an El- Mayur, for the Mayur and El-Mayur courses.

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   ASCENSION                  MAYUR                  EL-MAYUR            THE SCRYPTAH              MYTHOS                    CHEYLIA'

Activation Keys               not for sale                 not for sale                    Wholistic            "Crystals of Divinity"       "Divine Love" 

                                                                                                                                      Guidance                    DELIVERY - V             

                                        (these 2 books available with each course)                                              (Crystal Course)

         $25.75                              Not For Sale                     Not For Sale                            $34.50                            $27.50                              $24.95


Teaching Manuals for those that wish to learn Reiki. Each course requires an Attunement by a Reiki Master. The Initiation to Mythonian Sacred Circle and Divine Syrah Universal Energy is optional. Please consider before ordering.

        REIKI - I                                         REIKI - II                                 REIKI MASTER 

                         $12.50                                                    $16.50                                                      $38.50

  Above books... by Ameah, Azem, El-Mayur Tutors & Reiki image for more information

  Recommended for those that enjoy Group Meditations, Words of Wisdom and Guidance during your daily routines. You may conduct your own group classes or evening meetings with confidence,

knowing these books will enlighten all that are within the aura of the spoken words.

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So Sha


Available in sizes A4 or A3 ... include the number below the Mythonian Wall Chart(s) when ORDERING

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                    To order a WALL SHIELD ... click CHEYLIA'S SHIELDS (29-30) ... then... Select A Wall SHIELD

(Cheylia' - 5 ... Feminine Aspect - 9 ...  of our Creator - 12)          102 - Spiritual Guide               29  (Cheylia's Shields)  30

15 (Cheylia's Guide)  28 (Spiritual Shields)   13 (Spiritual Planes)   14 (Ascension Guide)              83   (Spiritual Union)   84

24 (Health Guide)        21 (Aura Fields)            22 ...(Crystalline Energy... 23 ...Meridians and... 86 ...Chakras of the Body... 47)

82 (Healing Hands)    93 (Crystal Layout)     94 (Crystal Layout)     18 (Healing Flame)   36 (Spiritual Shield)      4 (Greeting)

25 (Crystal Union)     96 (Syraki Crystals)     16 (Scryptah Text)     50 (Dynamic Health)  97 (Cellular Healing) 107 (Syraki Shields)

55 ...Mythonian Healing... 57 ...Ascension Grids of... 59 ...Your Crystalline Abilities... 64    109 (Crystal Shroud)  106 (Book Marks)     


For general public to purchase      

Cheylia' Wisdom Cards   $47.50

Cheylia' Wisdom Cards offer you Spiritual Guidance when  offering a Reading to an individual or a group. By reading the card to self or others Cheylia's Divinty is passed on so all may gain an understanding of the Wisdom within Her words.


 So Sha

DIVINITY CARDS are profound in every way, giving the reader and all within the "spoken words" clarity of their future paths. Be Guided by the 32 cards offered by T'Laan as your truth unfolds. Gain insight to those within your group.

So Sha.

Mythonian Divinity Cards $35.00


Amethyst                        Emerald

   Ruby                           Sapphire

Crystal Deva Cards  $35.00

Crystal Deva Cards of Iona offer Crystalline Intuition and Guidance for those wishing to offer Readings for individuals or groups. By reading the card to self or others Iona guides all within the spoken words to a Spiritual awareness of the world they live in.

  So Sha

INSIGHT CARDS are for daily use to give you guidance and clarity. Each path opens a new day. Gain insight to your future from the words.  Their gift  enlightens your journey  and offers you clarity to the pathway of life.

  So Sha.

Insight Cards $12.00

                                         Laminated Prints available in sizes ... A4 or A3



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Teaching Aids... Cheylia' Cards, Divinity Cards, Insight Cards, Crystals, Layos, Crystal Sweyths & Shrouds etc,

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           Head Office   ... Australia


  Sho'Lin Dene - Mbl. Ph. - 0413 805 621  …

                    Shaman Eilee - Mbl. Ph. - 0447 635 091  …

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  Note *

              "So Sha" is a Mythonian expression ...Thank you with Love,

                                 or Welcome with Love, or Good Bye with Love.

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